Importing LDAP user groups

You can import individual groups of users from an LDAP Server, and assign a user type to them. All groups must have a valid LDAP account before they can be imported. A user group is used to calculate the effective permissions when the user type is selected as Inherit access.

Before you begin

After you import an LDAP group, users from that group will automatically be created as a user when they first log in, if the default user type is rsquo inherit "rsquo".

About this task

User role: Product Administrator


  1. Go to the Administration view.
  2. (Windows™ only): On the General Settings page, click Edit Enterprise Console Settings and configure the LDAP server or domain and the LDAP group query fields and click Done.
  3. On the Users and Groups page, click Import Groups.
  4. Select an Import Type from the list, select the user groups, and click Import.
  5. Select the Default User and set the access permissions to "Inherit Access", and click Apply.
    1. When a user logs in for the first time, they will automatically be assigned the user permissions associated with the groups they belong to.
    2. Nested groups are not supported. If a user belongs to more than one LDAP group, they will inherit the permissions of the top level of the group hierarchy they belong to.
    3. You cannot assign a license type to a group.


When a user logs in to the Enterprise Console, they will inherit the permission that their group has. When you assign or change folder access privileges for the group, that user will have access to it if their group does. When a user creates a content scan job, the Enterprise Console will check their scanning permissions of the group they belong to.