Creating a user

Create a user and assign a user type to them. As a best practice, when you first create a new user you should give them a No Access user type until you finish configuring their folder permissions, and then change their user type to whatever type you want them to have. This prevents new users from being able to access areas they shouldn't if they log in while you are still configuring their permissions.

Before you begin

Note: The user will inherit some properties from the Default User template. To change the Default User properties the user inherits, you must edit the user's properties. If a user type is listed as "Restricted", you cannot change it because that user type has additional administrative permissions that you don't have. You can only change user types that have your access permission level or lower. For example, if you have a Standard User type, you cannot change the Product Administrator user type.

About this task

User role: Product Administrator


  1. Go to Administration > Users and Groups, and click Create.
  2. On the Create User page:
    1. Enter a Name for the user that is easy to recognize; for example, Bill Smith.
    2. Enter the User ID using the Domain/Username format; for example, workgroup\billsmith.
      Note: Do not use special characters, such as the percent sign (%). It might cause a 'session expired' error.
    3. Choose a Type for this user.
  3. Click Create to add the user is added to the list of users.