Product and user licenses

This topic on AppScan Enterprise licenses opens a technote in a separate browser.

Read this technote: Licensing for AppScan Enterprise. It discusses:
  • How to obtain licenses
  • The product licenses you need: basic and premium
  • The user licenses you need: floating and authorized
    Note: Users must log off properly to release the license; closing the browser will not release the license until two hours have passed.
    1. Change the connection limit for the Monitor view by modifying the session.timeout property (in milliseconds) for Liberty in the <install-dir>\AppScan Enterprise\Liberty\usr\servers\<ase instance name>\server.xml file.
    2. Change the connection limit for the Folder Explorer view by modifying the sessionState timemout property (in minutes) for IIS to be <sessionState timeout="120"/> in the <install-dir>\HCL\AppScan Enterprise\WebApp\web.config file.
  • How to apply the licenses
  • Common licensing scenarios