File Inventory report

This report displays an inventory of the distinct URLs and the PageComponents that use them. A PageComponent is a file that makes up part of a web page, such as an HTML file, an image or an MS Word document. Many web pages can use the same PageComponent; for example, a corporate logo that can display throughout the site or a navigation toolbar inside a frame. For each URL in the list, information is provided about the rendered file size, Mime type and last modified date. You can use this report to identify files that do not conform to your corporate standards or that might cause searchability or accessibility problems.

Why it matters

Many organizations have no idea how many files or file types exist on their site. If you have corporate standards that restrict how certain file types are used, you can quickly see from this list which files might not be conforming to your standards. For example, if you have a lot of audio files, which can pose accessibility problems if there is no text transcript, you can see that from this list. Conducting an inventory of your web properties can help your organization standardize on the file types you really want to use.