Managing IAST agents in AppScan Enterprise

AppScan Enterprise can support multiple IAST agents for a single application.

Before you begin

  • You must have one or more IAST agents configured for the application you are testing.
  • You must have created an application in the Portfolio tab of the Monitor view in the AppScan Enterprise. For more information on creating an application, see Creating an application.

About this task

This section helps you manage and view the one or more IAST agent deployed on a tested application from AppScan Enterprise.


  1. Log in to the AppScan Enterprise server.
  2. Go to the Monitor page > Portfolio tab to view the list of applications available.
  3. Click the application to which you want to download an IAST agent.
    The application page is displayed.
  4. On the left pane, click the IAST Agents.
    The IAST agents page is displayed on the right-pane.
  5. Choose the IAST agent you want to apply for the application.
  6. From the Actions drop-down list corresponding to the IAST agent you want to apply, select the following required action.
    Note: By default, the IAST agent is always in the Enabled mode upon first time configuring with the application.
    IAST agent actionDescription
    Enable Agent This option enables the IAST agent to start scanning for vulnerabilities.
    Note: While enabled an IAST license is consumed.
    Disable Agent This option disables an IAST agent scanning the application.
    Note: While enabled an IAST license is released.
    Generate New Key This option generates and assigns a new key to the IAST agent.

    After generating the new key, you must re-download the IAST agent and configure with the application. Generally, a new key is required only when you observe any discrepancies in performance of the IAST agent configured with the application.

    Note: If you do not re-download the IAST agent after generating a new key, then the IAST session will continue to monitor the application with previous key.
    Redownload Agent This options allows you to re-download the IAST agent.
    Rename Agent This options allows you to rename the IAST agent name.
    Delete Agent This delete IAST agent configured with application.
    Note: Before you delete an IAST agent, you must change its status to Disable mode.