Licensing for IAST agent

AppScan Enterprise requires a license to enable interactive application security testing (IAST).

A single license can support up to a maximum of Four IAST sessions. To create an additional IAST session, you must either obtain an additional license or disable an active IAST session.

From AppScan Enterprise Server v10.0.5 onwards, using IAST requires you to purchase a license depending on the number of IAST sessions you intend to use in parallel. In AppScan Enterprise v10.0.4 and earlier versions, IAST was available as a Tech Preview. When you upgrade your AppScan Enterprise Server to V10.0.5, you must have proper license to use IAST.
From AppScan Enterprise V10.0.5 and later, the AppScan Enterprise IAST feature requires a valid License to be functional. Hence, the functionality of the IAST agents depends on the following licensing scenarios:
  • If you do not subscribe to (or install) IAST license while upgrading to AppScan Enterprise V10.0.5 and later, then all the deployed IAST agents are disabled irrespective of their predefined status.
  • If you have deployed more number of IAST agents than the number of IAST licenses purchased in AppScan Enterprise V10.0.5 and later versions you are upgrading, then the extra IAST agents are Disabled due to insufficient licenses.

License Expiration

When a license expires, a message is presented to the user stating the license expiry status. The IAST agents associated with an expired license are disabled.