Form properties

Form Properties view of the Configuration dialog box lists the values that AppScan® will use to fill in forms automatically.

About this task

You can add to or edit the Form Properties that AppScan® uses to automatically fill forms during scanning.


To add a new definition, click the plus button (or, to edit an existing form property, select it and click the edit button).

The Form Properties dialog box appears.




A name that describes the parameter.


The name, or part of the name, that is used to define this parameter in the HTML. When ADAC finds a field with this parameter name it fills in the value supplied.

To enter multiple parameter names in one row, use a comma without a space. Example: Description: Zip Code | Parameters: zip,postal


The user input that ADAC will send for this parameter.


Sometimes the site fills in its own default value for a particular field. In such cases, by default ADAC will use the site's suggestion rather than the one entered here.

Select this check box if you want ADAC to use the value defined here, even when the site offers a different default value.

Match Type

Defines how ADAC will search for the parameter defined here, and how it relates to field-filling options supplied by the site. Options are "Partial" or "Complete."

Complete: The value will be input only for parameters that exactly match one of the text strings in the Parameters field. (For example, the parameter defined as addr, will not be used for a field named address.) Furthermore, if the field offers a drill-down list of options, this value will be used only if it exactly matches one of the options.

Partial: This value will be input for parameters that match or partially match one of the parameter strings listed here. (For example, if the parameter is defined as addr, it will also be used for a fields named address, or ADDR.) Furthermore, if the field offers a drill-down list of options, and none of the options exactly match the value entered here, a close match will be used instead.


If this field is left empty, this value will be used for this parameter regardless of URL.

If a specific URL is given, this value will be used for only for parameters that occur in this URL. (You can therefore define a parameter one way for one URL and differently for another.)

However, if there is no other row with the same parameters and an empty URL, the value of this row is default for all other URLs too.


Exporting and Importing Form Properties

Importing a saved ASFF file