AppScan 360° Static Analysis

Static analysis has changed: what was once a security tool is now a core development application. That evolution called for an evolution in the technology. AppScan 360° Static Analysis (AppScan 360° SAST) is a micro-services based, Kubernetes-managed environment that provides static analysis scanning capability in AppScan 360°. AppScan Central Platform (ASCP) communicates with AppScan 360° Static Analysis to execute scans submitted by the end users.

What you can do today with AppScan 360° Static Analysis

As soon as you download AppScan 360° Static Analysis, you can:

  • Deploy with clusters flexibly.
  • Access a rich set of tools to scan applications.
  • Integrate concurrent scans in DevOps pipeline (for example, Jenkins).
  • Run multiple scans concurrently.

    Run scans on demand from AppScan 360°, AppScan Go!, Static Analyzer Command Line Utility, or a DevOps plugin. If a container is available, the scan runs.

  • Generate results files that can be reviewed automatically in AppScan 360°.