What is HCL Universal Orchestrator

An introductory overview of HCL Universal Orchestrator.

HCL Universal Orchestrator is a cloud-native workload orchestration and scheduling platform that uses the advantages of Kubernetes. Thanks to its architecture based on microservices, you can orchestrate both multi-cloud and hybrid environments from a single point of control, and the workflow processes are faster than ever.

There are several advantages when adopting this solution:
Real-time orchestration and streamlined workflows
Thanks to the synchronous and asynchronous REST APIs for process submission, the integration is simplified, and the wait time for end-users is minimized. Furthermore, workflows are dramatically streamlined with the jobs data exchange that does not require coding nor scripting.
DevOps readiness
A policy-driven planning has been implemented to support faster DevOps cycles for applications.
Take the most from cloud-native automation, do not pay extra costs for infrastructure anymore. HCL Universal Orchestrator automatically scales according to your business trend.
High availability
HCL Universal Orchestrator is extremely reliable thanks to its active-active multi-server architecture. The workload is automatically distributed, granting service continuity without failure.
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