HCL ZIE for Windows Licensing

In HCL ZIE for Windows, licensing is mandatory to use the product. There are two types of licensing methods.

  1. Direct Flexera licensing (Method 1)

    In this method, the ZIEWin client directly communicates with the “Flexera” server for licensing. All the license acquired release requests are sent directly to the “Flexera” server. The “Flexera” server can be a cloud-deployed Flexera licensing server in the FNO portal (Flexnet Operations) or an HCL Common Local License server deployed in the LAN.

  2. Flexera Licensing via “License Manager” (Method 2)

    In this method, licensing mechanism is managed by HCL License Manager Server (LM). The HCL License Manager Server administers the license acquisition and releases for all its clients. HCL ZIE for Windows as a client sends the license acquisition and release requests to the HCL License Manager server, which forwards the requests to the Flexera server.

To use the HCL ZIE for Windows user must configure the Licensing settings in “Preferences” utility or during the installation.

In the case of Method 1, the “Use License Manager” check box is cleared, and the “License Server” is using the “Flexera” server. In the case of Method 2, when the “Use License Manager” check box is selected, the “License Server” is using the “HCL License Manager” server with details of a working HCL License Manager Server setup. To know more about setting up the HCL License Manager Server refer to the topic, HCL ZIE License Manager.

How Licensing Works

In the case of Method 2, When an emulator session or an FTP session is launched, it verifies the Licensing Settings Configuration. If it is a valid URL is configured, the application gets launched. If it is not a valid URL is configured, an appropriate message will be displayed, and the start-up exits.

In both methods, for an emulator session, the first session that connects sends a license acquisition request to the License Server only if the license is acquired and proceeds with the connection. If the license is not acquired, an appropriate error message will be displayed to the user, and the connection gets aborted.

The license request status is updated in the application status-bar as the session connects. User can look up the status-bar history for details of license requests and the License Server responses. The subsequent sessions from the first connected session will verify the license status of the application. If it is already acquired, it proceeds to connect. If not, it sends the license acquisition request again. Once the license is acquired, the license status is updated at every Interval period as configured in Licensing Settings. During the refresh, the license status of the application may change from Acquired to Not Acquired or vice-versa.

At any point of time the license status for the emulator session is indicated by an icon it is status bar. Below are icons for license status.

  1. License Acquired:

  2. License Not Acquired:

During the disconnect of the last connected session, the emulator session sends the license release request to release the license.

For an FTP Session, when the connection begins it sends license acquisition request to the License Server, only if the license is acquired the connection proceeds else the connection is aborted. The License Server response is recorded in the status-bar of the FTP client application. User can look up the status-bar history for details of license request and the License Server responses. At every renewal interval, if there is a connected emulator session the license refresh is carried out by emulator session else the license refresh is carried out by the FTP client. The license request and response at refresh interval is logged in the FTP client log, users can verify the log for license request responses. During the disconnect of the FTP session it sends a license release request to License Server and the response is recorded in the status-bar.

Borrow Interval

The “borrow interval” specifies the time for which the client reserves the license. In the case of Method 1, the borrow interval is five times of “renewal interval” configured in the “Preferences” utility or during the installation. In the case of Method 2, the borrow interval is equivalent to the “renewal interval.”

In case of communication failure after acquiring a license, the subsequent connection attempts will be allowed till the borrow interval elapses. Hence, having a large “borrow interval” is recommended.

How to Trouble Shoot

If the license is not acquired on request, please check the error code/ return code. The license request can fail because of the network issue between the client and License Manager Server or the connectivity between the License Server and the Flexera Server. Please check the connectivity based on the error code/return code. If there is connectivity issue between the client and License Server, the error code/return code will be returned while validating the License URL and the respective http error code will be returned. If the License Server is not running it returns "License Server Unavailable". If there is a connectivity issue between the License Server and /or Flexera Server or there is a licensing limitation, the error code/ return code is forwarded to the client.

Please check the "Status Bar History" for the details of the license acquisition request and response status/error codes.

Error codes / return codes in Method 1:

Error Code Error Message
0x00000000 FLCERR_SUCCESS Success.
0x73000001 FLCCOE_CONSTRAINT_FAILURE A constraint error was encountered.
0x730000c0 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_CREATE_ERROR External crypto create error.
0x730000c4 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_SIGNING_ERROR External signing error.
0x73000092 FLCCOE_DEVICE_NOT_PRESENT Device not present.
0x7300004e FLCCOE_FILE_ATTRIBUTE Failed file attribute change.
0x73000042 FLCCOE_FILE_CLOSE Failed file close.
0x7300004a FLCCOE_FILE_DELETE Failed file delete.
0x73000046 FLCCOE_FILE_WRITE Failed file write.
0x73000063 FLCCOE_NO_CLOCK_SUPPORT Attempt to use clock functionality on system without clock.
0x70000048 FLCERR_BAD_TOLERANCE_SPECIFIER_RATIO A bad tolerance specifier ratio was specified.
0x7000005c FLCERR_CAPABILITY_REQUEST_OPTION_CONFLICT The specified capability request option conflicts with an option previously set.
0x7000003c FLCERR_CAPABILITY_RESPONSE_DATA_MISSING Required data is missing from capability response.
0x70000004 FLCERR_DATA_CORRUPTED Data corruption found.
0x70000008 FLCERR_DICTIONARY_READ_ONLY No longer used.
0x70000030 FLCERR_FEATURE_INSUFFICIENT_COUNT Insufficient count for the requested feature.
0x7000000c FLCERR_FEATURE_NOT_STARTED Start date for the requested feature is in the future.
0x70000038 FLCERR_FEATURE_SERVER_DUPLICATE Feature is a duplicate on the server and cannot be served.
0x70000034 FLCERR_FEATURE_SERVER_HOST_ID_MISMATCH Requested feature's server hostid does not match system hostid.
0x70000060 FLCERR_FEATURE_SERVER_METERED_NOT_SUPPORTED Features with a metered license model are not supported on the server.
0x7000002c FLCERR_IDENTITY_MISMATCH Identity data has changed; unable to decrypt trusted storage or anchor data.
0x70000010 FLCERR_IDENTITY_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION Version of identity is not supported.
0x70000014 FLCERR_INDEX_OUT_OF_BOUND Provided index is out of bounds.
0x70000068 FLCERR_LICENSE_SOURCE_RESPONSE_TYPE_INCOMPATIBLE License source type and response type is incompatible.
0x70000018 FLCERR_LICENSE_SOURCE_TYPE_INVALID License source type is invalid for operation.
0x70000064 FLCERR_METERED_LICENSE_UNDO_INTERVAL_EXPIRED Undo interval for the acquired feature has expired.
0x70000040 FLCERR_NO_UUID_FOUND Requested unique identifier was not found.
0x70000044 FLCERR_NON_CLIENT_TOLERANCE_SPECIFIER A non-client tolerance specifier was specified by the client.
0x70000050 FLCERR_PUBLISHER_DATA_NOT_SET Requested publisher data is not set.
0x70000054 FLCERR_REQUEST_HOST_ID_MISMATCH Request hostid does not match hostid recorded by server.
0x7000001c FLCERR_RESPONSE_SERVER_ERROR Server was not able to process request correctly.
0x70000028 FLCERR_STORAGE_CLASS_INCOMPLETE Storage implementation class provided is not complete.
0x70000020 FLCERR_TRIAL_ALREADY_LOADED This trial has already been loaded.
0x70000024 FLCERR_TS_BINDING_BREAK Storage binding break found.
0x7000004c FLCERR_TS_DOES_NOT_EXIST Trusted storage does not exist.
0x7000006c FLCERR_TS_DUPLICATE_SERVER_HOST_ID Trusted storage already contains data from one of the capability response server hostids stored in a different instance location.
0x70000058 FLCERR_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE_KEYWORD Unsupported certificate keyword.
0x74200005 FLCSWC_CERTIFICATE_LICENSE_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND Unable to locate an appropriate certificate license source.
0x75000006 FLCSWC_COMM_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL Buffer is too small for file path.
0x7500000D FLCSWC_COMM_DOWNLOAD_CANCELLED Download was cancelled.
0x75000011 FLCSWC_COMM_READ_FAILURE Unable to read file.
0x74200001 FLCSWC_CORE_MISSING Unable to locate FlxCore/FlxCore64 library.
0x7400000d FLCSWC_FILE_DELETE File delete error.
0x74000005 FLCSWC_HOSTID_NOT_PRESENT Hostid not present on platform.
0x74200009 FLCSWC_SHORTCODE_INVALID_SEGMENT_SIZE_FOR_API Short code API does not support the current segment size specification.
0x74000009 FLCSWC_STATE_ERROR Request invalid for object state.
0x730000c1 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_CIPHER_ERROR External crypto cipher error.
0x730000c7 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_DATA_ALIGNMENT_ERROR External crypto data not block aligned.
0x730000c2 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_DIGEST_ERROR External message digest error.
0x730000c3 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_HMAC_ERROR External hmac error.
0x730000c5 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_RANDOM_ERROR External random number generator error.
0x730000c6 FLCCOE_CRYPTO_STATE_ERROR External crypto state error.
0x73000091 FLCCOE_DEVICE_IO Device IO failure.
0x73000093 FLCCOE_DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORTED Device not supported.
0x730000a1 FLCCOE_EXECUTE_ERROR File execution error.
0x73000047 FLCCOE_FILE_FLUSH Failed file flush.
0x73000041 FLCCOE_FILE_OPEN Failed file open.
0x73000045 FLCCOE_FILE_READ Failed file read.
0x7300004d FLCCOE_FILE_RENAME Failed file rename.
0x73000049 FLCCOE_FILE_RESIZE Failed file resize.
0x73000043 FLCCOE_FILE_SEEK Failed file seek.
0x73000048 FLCCOE_FILE_SIZE Failed file size.
0x7300004b FLCCOE_FILE_STAT Failed file stat.
0x7300004f FLCCOE_FILE_SYNC Failed file sync.
0x73000044 FLCCOE_FILE_TELL Failed file tell.
0x7300004c FLCCOE_FILE_TRUNCATE Failed file truncate.
0x73000021 FLCCOE_MEMORY_ALLOCATION Failed to allocate the requested memory.
0x73000090 FLCCOE_NETWORK_API Call to platform network API failed.
0x73000071 FLCCOE_PATH_GENERATE Call to path generation failed.
0x730000a0 FLCCOE_SCRIPT_ERROR Script condition error.
0x73000061 FLCCOE_TIME_API Call to platform time API failed.
0x73000062 FLCCOE_TIME_OVERFLOW Overflow of storable time value limits occurred.
0x73000002 FLCCOE_UNEXPECTED_ENUM_VALUE Unexpected enumeration value.
0x70000041 FLCERR_BAD_CALLOUT_ERROR_CODE Callout error was set using an inappropriate error code.
0x70000042 FLCERR_BAD_CALLOUT_UNIT_IDENTIFIER Callout error was set using an inappropriate unit identifier.
0x70000001 FLCERR_BAD_PARAM One of the input parameters is bad.
0x70000053 FLCERR_BAD_SHORT_CODE_CRC CRC validation of short code failed.
0x70000045 FLCERR_BADLY_FORMED_TOLERANCE_SPECIFIER A badly formed tolerance specifier was encountered.
0x70000002 FLCERR_BUFFER_SIZE_INSUFFICIENT Provided buffer is not big enough to hold the data.
0x70000003 FLCERR_CALLOUT_ERROR_DATA_MISSING Callout failed, but didn't set error information.
0x70000067 FLCERR_CAPABILITY_RESPONSE_TYPE_INVALID Capability response type is invalid for operation.
0x7000006b FLCERR_CAPABILITY_SERVER_INSTANCE_MISMATCH Capability response contains a different server instance than the capability request.
0x70000055 FLCERR_CHECKSUM_FAILURE Checksum validation failed.
0x70000051 FLCERR_CHECKSUM_SEGMENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH Checksum segment length mismatch.
0x70000005 FLCERR_DATA_EXCEEDS_MAX_SIZE Provided data exceeds maximum size allowed.
0x70000006 FLCERR_DATA_INSUFFICIENT The size of provided data is incorrect.
0x7000002f FLCERR_DATA_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION Data version is not supported.
0x70000007 FLCERR_DATE_INVALID Information for the date is invalid.
0x7000005b FLCERR_DICTIONARY_NOT_INCLUDED Flag to include vendor dictionary has not been set.
0x7000005a FLCERR_DICTIONARY_SOURCE_CONFLICT Vendor dictionary can be requested as a whole, or by key; but not both.
0x70000057 FLCERR_FEATURE_BUFFER_METERED Feature is metered and cannot be used in the buffer license source.
0x70000009 FLCERR_FEATURE_EXPIRED Requested feature has expired.
0x7000000a FLCERR_FEATURE_HOST_ID_MISMATCH Requested feature's hostid does not match system hostid.
0x7000005d FLCERR_FEATURE_MAX_COUNT_EXCEEDED Feature count exceeds the maximum supported value.
0x70000063 FLCERR_FEATURE_METERED_ATTRIBUTE_CONFLICT Metered features with the same name must have identical metered attributes.
0x7000000b FLCERR_FEATURE_NOT_FOUND Requested feature was not found.
0x7000005e FLCERR_FEATURE_OVERDRAFT_NOT_SUPPORTED Features with an overdraft count are not supported on the client.
0x7000006f FLCERR_FEATURE_PREVIEW_NOT_ACQUIRED Feature from a preview response cannot be acquired.
0x70000037 FLCERR_FEATURE_SERVER_NODE_LOCKED Feature is node locked and cannot be served by the server.
0x7000005f FLCERR_FEATURE_SERVER_OVERDRAFT_NOT_SUPPORTED Features with an overdraft count are not supported on the server.
0x7000000d FLCERR_FEATURE_VENDOR_NAME_INVALID Feature was issued by a different vendor.
0x7000000e FLCERR_FEATURE_VERSION_NOT_FOUND Feature with the requested version was not found.
0x70000056 FLCERR_HOST_ID_SOURCE_CONFLICT The hostid in an info message can originate from trusted storage or can be explicitly set, but not both.
0x7000000f FLCERR_HOST_ID_UNSUPPORTED Type of the hostid is currently unsupported.
0x7000003e FLCERR_IDENTITY_TYPE_INCORRECT Identity is of different type than expected.
0x7000006d FLCERR_INFORMATION_MESSAGE_OPTION_CONFLICT The specified information message option conflicts with an option previously set.
0x70000049 FLCERR_INFORMATION_MESSAGE_USAGE_TYPE_CONFLICT Information message can hold either existing or usage-based features, but not both.
0x70000039 FLCERR_INPUT_TYPE_MISMATCH Input type mismatch.
0x7000004e FLCERR_INVALID_CHARSET Character set is invalid.
0x70000011 FLCERR_ITEM_ALREADY_EXISTS Item already exists in the collection.
0x70000012 FLCERR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND Provided item was not found in the collection.
0x70000013 FLCERR_ITEM_TYPE_MISMATCH Item's value has a different type than expected.
0x70000015 FLCERR_KEY_ALREADY_EXISTS Key already exists in the collection.
0x70000016 FLCERR_KEY_NOT_FOUND Provided key was not found in the collection.
0x70000033 FLCERR_KEY_REVISION_UNAVAILABLE A signature signed with a revision of key which was not present in identity data.
0x70000061 FLCERR_LICENSE_MODEL_CONFLICT The same feature name cannot be used in both metered and concurrent license model.
0x70000017 FLCERR_LICENSE_NOT_FOUND License not found in acquired list, possibly already returned.
0x70000069 FLCERR_LICENSE_SOURCE_SERVER_HOST_ID_MISMATCH License source contains a different server hostid from the response server hostid.
0x7000006a FLCERR_LICENSE_SOURCE_SERVER_INSTANCE_MISMATCH License source contains a different server instance than the capability request or response server instance.
0x70000066 FLCERR_LICENSE_TEMPLATE_ID_NOT_FOUND A short-code license matching the specified license template ID cannot be found.
0x7000003f FLCERR_MACHINE_TYPE_MISMATCH System machine type does not match expected machine type.
0x70000065 FLCERR_METERED_FEATURES_NOT_ENABLED Metered functionality is not enabled.
0x70000062 FLCERR_METERED_LICENSE_NOT_REUSABLE Acquired feature uses a metered non-reusable license model and cannot be returned.
0x7000003b FLCERR_NO_NEW_SERVER_RESPONDED New servers sent by the configuration server are not responding.
0x70000035 FLCERR_NO_SERVER_DATA_FOUND No server data found in TS.
0x7000003a FLCERR_NO_SERVER_RESPONDED Failed to get a response from any of the servers.
0x70000036 FLCERR_NO_SERVER_UPDATE_NEEDED Regular update from the server is not needed as renew interval is set to 0 by the server.
0x70000031 FLCERR_OBJECT_READ_ONLY Object cannot be modified because it is being used by another object.
0x7000006e FLCERR_PREVIEW_RESPONSE_NOT_PROCESSED Preview response cannot be processed into the license source.
0x70000019 FLCERR_PRODUCT_TYPE_INVALID No longer used.
0x7000001a FLCERR_RESPONSE_EXPIRED The allowed time to process response has expired.
0x7000001b FLCERR_RESPONSE_HOST_ID_MISMATCH Response does not match system hostid.
0x7000001d FLCERR_RESPONSE_STALE Response is out of order with previous responses.
0x70000052 FLCERR_SCHEME_NOT_SUPPORTED Short code scheme is not supported.
0x7000004f FLCERR_SHORT_CODE_LICENSE_EXPIRED Short code license has expired.
0x7000001e FLCERR_SIGNATURE_INVALID Signature didn't pass validation.
0x7000001f FLCERR_SIGNATURE_TYPE_MISMATCH Inconsistent signature type used.
0x7000003d FLCERR_SYNC_FROM_FNO_INCOMPLETE Capability response was not available - sync from the back office has not been completed.
0x70000046 FLCERR_TOLERANCE_SPECIFIER_REJECTED A tolerance specifier was rejected as not valid for this client.
0x70000021 FLCERR_TRIAL_EXPIRED Trial duration has expired.
0x70000022 FLCERR_TRIAL_INVALID_ID Trial ID is invalid.
0x70000023 FLCERR_TS_ANCHOR_BREAK Storage anchor break found.
0x70000025 FLCERR_TS_CORRUPTED Trusted storage is corrupted.
0x7000004a FLCERR_TS_HOST_ID_MISMATCH Trusted storage hostid does not match system hostid.
0x70000026 FLCERR_TS_INCONSISTENT_DATA Trusted storage contains inconsistent data.
0x70000027 FLCERR_TS_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION This version of trusted storage is not supported.
0x70000059 FLCERR_UNKNOWN_CERTIFICATE_KEYWORD Unknown certificate keyword.
0x70000047 FLCERR_UNSUPPORTED_TOLERANCE_SPECIFIER_TYPE An unsupported tolerance specifier type was specified.
0x70000043 FLCERR_UNSUPPORTED_TOLERANCE_SPECIFIER_VERSION Tolerance specifier version is not supported.
0x7000004b FLCERR_UUID_MISMATCH Response UUID does not match system UUID.
0x7000004d FLCERR_UUID_SOURCE_CONFLICT The UUID in a message can originate from the back office or can be explicitly set, but not both.
0x70000029 FLCERR_VENDOR_KEYS_EXPIRED Vendor keys have expired.
0x7000002a FLCERR_VENDOR_KEYS_INVALID Vendor keys are invalid.
0x7000002b FLCERR_VENDOR_KEYS_NOT_ENABLED Vendor keys do not support this platform.
0x70000032 FLCERR_VERSION_STRING_INVALID Version string is invalid.
0x7000002d FLCERR_WINDBACK_DETECTED Clock windback has been detected.
0x7000002e FLCERR_WINDBACK_NOT_ENABLED Clock windback is disabled; unable to test if windback has happened.
0x74200004 FLCSWC_BUFFER_LICENSE_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND Unable to locate an appropriate buffer license source.
0x74200002 FLCSWC_CAPABILITY_RESPONSE_ALREADY_PROCESSED Capability response already processed.
0x75000008 FLCSWC_COMM_CANT_CREATE_DIRECTORY Unable to create download directory.
0x75000010 FLCSWC_COMM_CANT_DELETE_FILE Unable to delete file.
0x75000007 FLCSWC_COMM_CANT_RENAME_FILE Unable to rename file.
0x75000001 FLCSWC_COMM_CURL_ERROR libCurl error, system error code contains the details in this case
0x7500000C FLCSWC_COMM_DOWNLOAD_PAUSED Download was paused.
0x74000008 FLCSWC_COMM_ERROR Generic communications error.
0x75000005 FLCSWC_COMM_HTTP_ERROR Server returned an http error code.
0x75000002 FLCSWC_COMM_INITIALIZATION Could not initialize a comm handle.
0x74000007 FLCSWC_COMM_MISSING Unable to locate FlxComm/FlxComm64 library.
0x75000012 FLCSWC_COMM_OVERWRITE_NOT_ALLOWED Overwrite not allowed and file already exists.
0x7500000E FLCSWC_COMM_PAUSE_FAILED Unable to pause.
0x7500000F FLCSWC_COMM_RESUME_FAILED Unable to resume.
0x75000014 FLCSWC_COMM_UPLOAD_CANCELLED Upload was cancelled
0x75000013 FLCSWC_COMM_UPLOAD_PAUSED Upload was paused.
0x75000003 FLCSWC_COMM_WRITE_FAILURE Received data could not be stored.
0x74000003 FLCSWC_EMPTY_FILE Empty file.
0x7400000f FLCSWC_EXPECTED_HTTP_ACCEPT Expected status HTTP ACCEPT 202.
0x74000002 FLCSWC_FILE_OPEN File open failed.
0x74000004 FLCSWC_FILE_READ File read error.
0x7400000c FLCSWC_FILE_RENAME File rename error.
0x7400000a FLCSWC_FILE_SEEK File seek error.
0x7400000b FLCSWC_FILE_WRITE File write error.
0x74000001 FLCSWC_MEMORY_ALLOCATION Failed to allocate the required memory.
0x7420000b FLCSWC_NO_CAPABILITY_RESPONSE_RECEIVED Required capability response not received.
0x74000010 FLCSWC_NO_DATA_RECEIVED No data received from server.
0x7400000e FLCSWC_NO_REQUEST_DATA_FOUND No request data found.
0x74000006 FLCSWC_REGEX_EXPRESSION_ERROR Regular expression pattern error encountered.
0x7420000a FLCSWC_SERVED_BUFFER_LICENSE_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND Unable to locate an appropriate served buffer license source.
0x74200008 FLCSWC_SHORTCODE_RESPONSE_DECODING_NOT_SET Short code response decoding scheme not set.
0x74200006 FLCSWC_SHORTCODE_RESPONSE_INCOMPLETE Segmented short code response is incomplete.
0x74200007 FLCSWC_SHORTCODE_RESPONSE_NOT_FOUND Unable to find short code response object
0x74200003 FLCSWC_TS_LICENSE_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND Unable to locate a trusted storage license source.

Error codes / return codes in Method 2:

Error code 0: The License has been released successfully.

Error code 1: Successfully acquired license.

Error code 2: Failed to retrieve a private key from the client certificate, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 3: Failed to receive payload from the Flexera server, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 4: Failed to decode the payload response, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 5: Configured feature code is not available, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 6: Configured feature cannot be started, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 7: Configured feature has expired, for more information refer log to the files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 8: Failed to get a license from the Flexera server, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 9: Configured feature name in the Flexera server is not valid, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 10: Failed to acquire a license, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 11: Available License count exceeded, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

Error code 12: License acquire request from an unsupported client.

Error code NNN: HTTP status error code, for more information refer to the log files from Flexera server and license manager application.

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