What's new in HCL Z Data Tools 1.1

New features and enhancements in V1.1.2

  • Z Data Tools V1.1.2 supports IBM's latest version of z/OS, z/OS V2R5.
  • National language support: Z Data Tools V1.1.2 includes support for both English and Japanese.
  • The Z Data Tools copy function (DSC) and the ZDT/Db2 Import function (DBI) now support importing CSV files. See DSC (Data Set Copy), Copy From panel, and Copy To panel for more information. See Import Options panel and DBI (Import) batch command for more details.
  • Db2 CSV export now supports Quoted values, Single quotes and Leading zeros options similar to the Z Data Tools copy function. See Export Options (2 of 3) panel and DBX (Export) batch command for more information about these options.
  • The indexed search provides a way to perform a fast search across one or more partitioned data sets. The results are displayed in the index search report containing the list of matching words, the number of lines where the word occurs, the number of data sets containing occurrences of the word, and the number of members. See Indexed search for more information about how to set up and use the indexed search facility..
  • ZDT/IMS has been enhanced with the following features:
    • Support for the specification of the IMSplex that the IMS subsystem is in.
    • ZDT/IMS serializes the use of dynamic PSBs across the IMSplex when they are used to access IMS subsystems that share ACBs with other IMS subsystems in an IMSplex (ACBSHR=Y).
    For information on how to code the IMSPLEX and ACBSHR parameters, see ZDT/IMS options.
  • ZDT/IMS has been enhanced to support using the IMS Data Definition Utility (DFS3ID00) to generate dynamic program specification blocks (PSBs) when IMS manages the runtime application control blocks (ACBs).

    See the new ZDT/IMS option, USEDDL, that specifies whether or not ZDT/IMS uses the IMS Data Definition utility (DFS3ID00) to generate dynamic PSBs when IMS management of ACBs is enabled (ACBMGMT=CATALOG).

  • Improved the usability and task orientation of the documentation that explains how Z Data Tools can use ZDT/CICS to access CICS resources from different environments. The documentation has been reworked and reorganized, and a checklist clearly defines the steps based on the environment. For more information, see Preparing to access CICS resources from Z Data Tools.
  • The Database Access Control facility has been enhanced to support writing a RACF audit record to SMF when users are denied access to a database. See The Database Access Control facility for more information.