Invoking the EQQLSENT macro

The following procedure is supported only for compatibility with earlier versions. To use the current support for data set triggering, see the procedure for running event-driven workload automation described in Managing the Workload.

When the data set triggering function is used, you specify the data sets for which you want events generated by building the data set selection table EQQDSLST. The EQQDSLST is created by invoking the EQQLSENT macro. The following sections describe how you invoke the EQQLSENT macro. This appendix contains General-use Programming Interface and Associated Guidance Information.
Note: The current support for data set triggering is based on the EQQEVLST configuration file. If EQQJCLIB contains both EQQEVLST and EQQDSLST, the resulting triggering selection table is the union of EQQEVLST and EQQDSLST. In this case, EQQEVLST data is processed first. If EQQJCLIB contains only EQQDSLST, the tracker loads it as triggering selection table.