The nop keyword specifies that the job is not to run when the plan executes. The job is included in the plan, as part of the job stream in which it is featured, but as the plan runs, it is placed in Cancel Pending status and is not executed. If there are standard dependencies defined on the job, the dependencies are released and the successors are executed. In the case of conditional dependencies, the condition must be verified as true for the successors to be executed.

This option represents a quick and easy way to temporarily disable a job from executing without having to delete it from the job stream and change its dependencies. For example, if you need to temporarily disable a print job from running because the printer is out of service, you can NOP the job in the job stream definition until the printer is fixed or replaced.




In the following example job jbk1 is defined in job stream bkup with the NOP option. It will be flagged as Cancel Pending in all the Symphony files to come as long as the option is defined. Successor job jbk3 will run.

schedule bkup on fr at 20:00 :
needs 1 tape
follows jbk1