Resources in the job definition

This topic provides an overview of how resources and their properties are used in the job definition to identify possible targets, to reserve allocations of consumable resources, and to optimize load balancing between available resources.

An understanding of physical and logical resources and their properties is the key to creating a job definition that accurately targets suitable resources for running the job, determines the resource allocation requirement, and contributes to balancing the load between available resources. Each resource has one or more properties associated with it. Properties can have the following characteristics:
Is consumable
Properties of resources that are consumable have finite amount associated with them which can be consumed by the jobs that are allocated to the resource. For example, a computer system has a finite number of processors.
Can be optimized
Some properties can be used to define optimization objectives, which determine how load is to be balanced when jobs are allocated to a group of resources. For example, you could choose to allocate a job to the matching resource that has the lowest CPU usage.
Supports wildcards
Some properties can be specified in the job definition using wildcards. For example, a requirement for a particular series of computer models could be defined by specifying the model using wildcards.
Resource types and properties shows the different resource types that can be included in a job definition and their available properties.
Table 1. Resource types and properties
Resource Type Available properties Is consumable Can be optimized Supports wildcards
ComputerSystem CPUUtilization No Yes No
HostName No No Yes
Manufacturer No No Yes
Model No No Yes
NumOfProcessors Yes Yes No
ProcessingSpeed No Yes No
ProcessorType No No No
LogicalResource DisplayName No No Yes
SubType No No Yes
Quantity Yes Yes No
OperatingSystem DisplayName No No Yes
FreePhysicalMemory No Yes No
FreeSwapSpace No Yes No
FreeVirtualMemory No Yes No
OperatingSystemType No No No
OperatingSystemVersion No No No
TotalPhysicalMemory Yes Yes No
TotalSwapSpace Yes Yes No
TotalVirtualMemory Yes Yes No
FileSystem DisplayName No No Yes
FileSystemRoot No No Yes
FileSystemType No No No
FreeStorageCapacity No Yes No
TotalStorageCapacity Yes Yes No
NetworkSystem NetworkAddress No No No
NetworkSystemHostName No No Yes