A business scenario on dynamic capability

This section demonstrates a sample business scenario which outlines the advantages of job types with advanced options and dynamic capability.

An insurance company runs a number of jobs at night to save the data processed during the day in the backup database. They also need to gather all data about the transactions completed during the day from all the workstations in the company branches. They use DB2 databases. Using the job types with advanced options provided in the Workload Designer, they create a job to perform a DB backup and another job to extract the data for the daily transactions. To perform these operations, they use the new database job type with advanced options.

After gathering data from all the company workstations, they copy the resulting data on a single workstation and process it to generate a report. They choose dynamically the best available workstation by defining the requirements necessary to run the job: a workstation with large disk space, powerful CPU and the program required to generate the report.

If the administrator does not want to modify the job stream he used before IBM Workload Scheduler. version 8.6 to run a Java job, for example, he can modify the name of the workstation where he wants the job to run, inserting the name of a pool or dynamic pool of dynamic agents where the Java executable is installed. HCL Workload Automation translates the syntax of the job so that it can be run by the Java program and assigns the job to the best available resource in the pool.

The report highlights how many new contracts were signed and how many customers are late with their payments. A mail is sent to the chief accountant, listing the number of new contracts and late customers.

The company can reach this objective by:
  • Using the new workstations with dynamic capabilities to run the jobs the administrator created for the existing HCL Workload Automation workstations. To run these jobs on the new workstations, the administrator changes only the workstation where he wants the job to run. The major advantage is that he can use the workflows he previously created without additional effort.
  • Defining several job types with advanced options without having specific skills on the applications where the job runs.
These job types with advanced options run on the following workstations:
dynamic agents
Workstations capable of running both existing jobs and job types with advanced options.
Groups to which you can add dynamic agents depending on your needs. Jobs are assigned dynamically to the best available agent.
Dynamic pools
Groups of dynamic agents for which you specify your requirements and let HCL Workload Automation select the dynamic agents which meet your needs. Jobs are assigned dynamically to the best available dynamic agent.