Running commands from composer

About this task

Composer commands consist of the following elements:

commandname selection arguments


Specifies the command name.
Specifies the object or set of objects to be acted upon. Most scheduling objects support the use of folders. The objects can be organized into a tree-like structure of folders similar to a file system.
Specifies the command arguments.

When submitting commands involving folders, you can specify either a relative or absolute path to the folder. If no folder is specified, then the command is performed using the current folder which is set to root ("/") by default. If you generally work from a specific folder, then you can use the chfolder command to navigate to folders and sub-folders. The chfolder command changes the working directory or current folder, so that you can use relative folder paths when submitting commands.

To use the composer command to manage folders on components at versions earlier than 9.5.x, ensure that both the master domain manager and the backup master domain manager are at version 9.5 Fix Pack 2 or later.

See chfolder for detailed information about the ways you can modify the current folder.