Defining jobs on IBM i systems

About this task

On IBM i agents you can define the following types of jobs with advanced options:
Web services jobs
To define web services jobs, see Web services jobs.
File transfer jobs
To define file transfer jobs, see File transfer jobs.
J2EE jobs
To define J2EE jobs, see J2EE jobs.
Database jobs
To define database jobs, see Database jobs.
Java jobs
To define Java jobs, see Java jobs.
Executable jobs
To define executable jobs, see Executable jobs.
IBM i jobs
To define IBM i jobs that run IBM i operating systems native commands, see IBM i jobs.
remote command jobs
To define remote command jobs, see Remote command jobs.
Provisioning jobs
To define Provisioning jobs, see IBM SmartCloud Provisioning jobs.
IBM WebSphere MQ jobs
To define IBM WebSphere MQ jobs, see IBM WebSphere MQ jobs.
IBM Sterling Connect:Direct jobs
To define IBM Sterling Connect:Direct jobs, see IBM Sterling Connect:Direct jobs.

You can define jobs with advanced options on an IBM i agent either by using the Dynamic Workload Console or by using the composer command line.

For more information about the procedure for defining IBM i job definitions, see Creating job definitions and Prerequisite steps to create job types with advanced options.

For information about using the command line interface to create job definitions, see Job definition.