Workload Automation on HCL SoFy

An easy way to deploy HCL Workload Automation product components as Docker containers to a cloud-native environment.

HCL SoFy includes all the tools required to build a Kubernetes deployment package for HCL Workload Automation, and run it on the Kubernetes cloud of your choice (public or private). SoFy solutions are portable across all Kubernetes environments. You can also take advantage of SoFy's unique Kubernetes monitoring and administration tools.

HCL SoFy uses Helm technology to provide HCL products and application programming interfaces. A temporary sandbox environment is provided to deploy and test solutions. You can run more than two temporary sandboxes at the same time.

For complete details about deploying services and products enabled for Kubernetes as docker images and helm charts, see the HCL SoFy Guides. Search for HCL Workload Automation in the HCL SoFy Catalog here