Integrating Dynamic workload broker with Tivoli Provisioning Manager

How dynamic workload broker integrates with Tivoli Provisioning Manager version 7.1.1.

Tivoli Provisioning Manager is an automated resource management solution for corporate and Internet data centers. Through orchestrated provisioning, it provides the ability to manage the IT environment in real time, according to defined business policies, to achieve the desired business goals. Using this integration you can interact with Tivoli Provisioning Manager to dynamically create the resource necessary to run your workload in your IT environment. In this way you can:
  • Ensure that during peak periods the jobs in the critical path are run in the required time frame.
  • Automatically transfer entire workloads and update policies across multiple platforms.
  • Assign to the job the appropriate resources that it needs to run, based on the job requirements and on the administration polices.
  • Optimize the use of the resources by assigning to the job the required resources based on the SLA.
  • Manage and control the resource usage and load.
  • Dispatch jobs to target resources that meet the requirements to run the job.
  • Respond to any unexpected and unplanned-for demands; individual jobs can be added ad hoc to the scheduling plan at any time.

The integration with Tivoli Provisioning Manager can be installed when installing the dynamic workload broker server. For more information about installing the Tivoli Provisioning Manager enablement, see Tivoli Provisioning Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

Configuring the integration with Tivoli Provisioning Manager

The file defines the integration with Tivoli Provisioning Manager and is created when the extension is installed. You can modify the file. Restart the WebSphere Application Server to implement the changes.

The file is installed in the following path:
The following parameters are available in the file:
Specifies the host name of the Tivoli Provisioning Manager server to be used when running the recovery action.
Specifies the port number of the Tivoli Provisioning Manager server to be used when running the recovery action.
Specifies the user name of a user with the authority to run workflows.
Specifies the password for the user to be used when running a Tivoli Provisioning Manager workflow.
The parameters defined in this file can be overwritten in a single job when creating the job with the Job Brokering Definition Console. For more information, see the online help for the Scheduling page.

Log and trace information for this integration is stored in the WebSphere Application Server logs and traces, stored in the following path: WAS_profile_root /AppSrv01/logs/ server1.