The TWS_user - special security file considerations

The TWS_user is a special user, and requires special consideration for the security file.
Required access for the TWS_user for workload service assurance
For any user to perform Workload service Assurance activities, the TWS_user must have display, modify and list access keywords assigned for all job, schedule and cpu objects.
New TWS_user in migrated Security file
If you change the TWS_user of your environment, for example, as you might do when performing a parallel upgrade, and then you migrate the Security file (to preserve your settings) you must set up the new TWS_user in the Security file in advance, with all its required access rights, before attempting to start HCL Workload Automation.
Update definitions for Windows domain TWS_user in the Security file after upgrade to version 9.5

Due to new support of the UPN Windows user, if you have Windows domain users that are defined in the logon fields as domain\username, after performing an upgrade to version 9.5, update the Security file before starting the HCL Workload Automation instance. Insert the escape character '\' before the '\' character in the domain\username value.

For example, if you use the MYDOMAIN\user1 value in the logon field, after the upgrade, in the Security file you must update the line in following way: