Administrative tasks - Databases

A set of scripts and SQL files is provided for each database type to perform actions such as granting rights or reorganizing the database. These files are located in inst_dir/TWS/dbtools into a separate folder for each database type. To use these files, copy the relevant folder to the database server. The available files are as follows:
The DB2® tools must be run by a user who has the following permissions:
  • DB2 administrator permissions – the user must be defined to DB2 as a DB2 Administrator
  • Full access (777) to the HCL Workload Automation installation directory
This script runs the DB2 statistics program, to maximize the performance of DB2.
This script reorganizes the database. See Reorganizing the DB2 database for a full description of how to use the tool.
This script adds grants to new users on HCL Workload Automation DB schema for the views that can be used to generate reports
Oracle, Informix, MSSQL
This script grants the user permissions for the Dynamic Workload Console views. See the Dynamic Workload Console online help for full details.
Note: The tools in this directory might include one that is only for the use of HCL Software Support:


Do not run this script. To do so might damage or overwrite the data in your database.