z/OS gateway messages - I

This section lists error and warning messages issued by the z/OS gateway processes. Most messages contains a reference to modules. z/OS module names includes a list of these modules.
Table 1. z/OS module names
Module Name Description
EEWPRE84 Previous SMF exit
EEWTCP00 Main processing routine
EEWTCP01 Server test vehicle
EEWTCP02 Main dataspace construction routine
EEWTCP05 Establish ESTAE routine to issue failure message
EEWTCP07 Find data set name associated with open ACB/DCB
EEWTCP08 Find data set name associated with DDNAME
EEWTCP10 Initialize and examine variables
EEWTCP15 Locate and initialize control blocks
EEWTCP20 Locate and initialize control blocks
EEWTCP21 Client test vehicle
EEWTCP22 Client test vehicle
EEWTCP23 Client test vehicle
EEWTCP25 Concurrent server
EEWTCP26 Concurrent server for Interlink TCP/IP provider
EEWTCP27 Concurrent server for Openconnect TCP/IP stack
EEWTCP30 Child server task
EEWTCP31 Child server task for Interlink TCP/IP stack
EEWTCP32 Child server task
EEWTCP84 SMF record exit for SMFEWTM
EEWTCP87 HCL Workload Automation interface
EEWTCP88 HCL Workload Automation interface post
EEWTCP90 Issue command and wait for response
EEWTCP91 Issues TERROR to format messages and issues WTOS
EEWTCP92 Find substring within string
EEWTCP94 STIMER exit to post ECB past in parm
EEWTCP95 Calls IKJEFF02 to extract buffer using EEWTCP99
EEWTCP96 ESTAE routine to issue failure message
EEWTCP97 Calls IKJEFF19 (DAIRFAIL/VSAMFAIL) to issue message
EEWTCP98 Calls IKJEFF02 to issue message from EEWTCP99
EEWTCP99 Message table
EEWTCPCA Check application request handler
EEWTCPCF Check file request handler
EEWTCPCJ Check job request handler
EEWTCPCO Check operation request handler
EEWTCPCV Enumerate job
EEWTCPED String encrypt/decrypt
EEWTCPEJ Enumerate job request handler
EEWTCPFJ Free job request handler
EEWTCPIA Insert application
EEWTCPIE String initialization
EEWTCPKJ Kill job request handler
EEWTCPKO Delete HCL Workload Automation application
EEWTCPLJ Launch job request handler
EEWTCPLO Insert HCL Workload Automation application
EEWTCPQJ Query job request handler
EEWTCPQO Query HCL Workload Automation application
EEWTCPQS Query subsystem request handler
EEWTCPRC Return code
EEWTCPSC System abend
EEWTCPSE String encryption/decryption
EEWTCPUC User abend
EEWTCPWT Wait for specified amount of time
EEWTCPXX Invalid request handler

All the messages listed below are written in the EEWSPACE or in the EEWSERVE log files. These are the files indicated in the SYSTSPRT DD card of the respective procedure. In the files the messages are written starting from column 1, except for the messages that do not contain the date and time after the message identifier, for example EEWI27I. These messages display with different characteristics in the z/OS system and on HCL Workload Automation. In the z/OS system log the messages appear in the text of another message and in some cases they might appear truncated. This is because the maximum length of each text record is 251 characters. In HCL Workload Automation they are always displayed in their complete form.