Organize scheduling objects in workflow folders

Gain greater business agility by organizing your scheduling objects in a hierarchy of folders. Organize them by lines of business, departments, geographies, or any custom category that makes sense for your business operations.

With this fix pack, you can now organize the following scheduling objects into workflow folders:
  • jobs
  • job streams
  • workstations
  • workstation classes
  • calendars
  • event rules
  • prompts
  • resources
  • run cycle groups
  • variable tables
  • workload applications

Folders also simplify security access. Associate access control lists to individual folders to restrict the rights to which folder any single user or group can access. You can also delegate security management of a specific folder and its sub-folders to other users.

For more information, see Organizing scheduling objects into folders.

Using the composer rename command, you can easily move objects into folders with specific names that originate from naming conventions used in the original object names themselves, thus simplifying the object name. Support for wildcards and a preview option make organizing your workload simple and easy.
Remember: Before renaming a scheduling object or moving it into a dedicated folder, verify if there are event rules that reference this object, and create a duplicate of the event rule using the new object name and folder path. For more details about the correct sequence of steps, see Organizing scheduling objects into folders.

There are a number of composer and conman commands that can be used to manage folders, see Folder definition.

For an overview on folders, specifically for organizing jobs and job streams, watch the video, Greater business agility and enforced security of Lines Of Business with workflow folders, on the Workload Automation YouTube channel.