The UCM integration with HCL Compass

If your project uses the UCM integration with HCL Compass, your project manager has set up an HCL Compass user database to store information about the work that you do in UCM activities.

Perform the following task(s) to set up your environment.

  • On a Windows system, connect to a UCM-enabled schema repository, then log on to an HCL Compass user database

When you can access the HCL Compass user database that your project uses, you can work on activities in your UCM project. Activities in your project can be linked to activity records in the HCL Compass user database. The link enables information about the activity to be shared and displayed in both the HCL VersionVault and HCL Compass environments.

If your project manager sets a UCM project policy called Perform Compass Action Before Work On, your user name is checked when you attempt to work on an activity. When you set an activity in the HCL VersionVault environment or work on an activity in the HCL Compass environment, the integration checks whether your user name matches the Owner field of the HCL Compass record that is associated with the activity. If there is no match, you cannot work on the activity. If the items match, you can work on the activity, but you may have to perform a few extra steps defined by your project manager.

If the policy Perform Compass Action Before Changing Activity is set, you may have to perform extra steps when you attempt to finish an activity. The finish activity operation in a single-stream project transitions the activity to a Complete state type, based on policies that are set in the project. When the finish activity operation is invoked in a single-stream project or in the integration stream of a multiple-stream project, it is similar to the deliver operation in a multiple-stream project. Your project manager uses the policy to implement an approval process that you must satisfy before you are allowed to change the state of the activity.

Also, if the policy called Perform Compass Action Before Delivery is set in your multiple-stream lproject, you may have to satisfy extra requirements when you deliver your work.

To learn about configuring the HCL VersionVault UCM/HCL Compass integration, see technote 427545.