Getting started with UCM

Getting started with UCM

Before using VersionVault UCM, review the development tasks. When you join a UCM project, your work as a developer involves the following tasks:
  • Join the UCM project to set up your work area.
  • Work on your activities in your private work area. You access the sources in your private work area through your development view.
  • Deliver your work to the shared work area. You access the sources in the shared work area through your integration view.
  • Rebase your work area. To access your project's source files, you set up your work area by joining a UCM project. As you modify source files, you use activities to organize and identify your work. Other developers on the project do not see your work until you deliver it to a shared work area. Periodically, the project manager incorporates activities in the shared work area into baselines. A baseline selects one version of every element in a component. When project managers announce that a new recommended baseline is available, you synchronize (or rebase) your work area with the activities in the new baseline.

Learning objectives

After completing the lessons in this module you will know understand the concepts and know how to do the following:
  • Perform development tasks.
  • Join a UCM project.

Time required

This module should take approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Complete the UCM Administrator tasks module.

Lessons in this module