To create a project based on an existing project


  1. Start the New Project Wizard to create the project.
  2. In Step 2 of the wizard, set Yes.
    This indicates that the project begins from the baselines in an existing project.
  3. Then navigate to the project that contains those baselines.
    For example, the new project is based on the baselines in the OM_proj1.0_Integration stream.
  4. Step 3 lists the latest baselines in the project that you select in Step 2.
    • If you created a pure composite baseline to capture the final approved baselines in the existing project, select it.
    • Click Add to add baselines from components that are not part of the existing project. The Add Baseline window opens.
    • Remove a baseline by selecting it and clicking Remove.
  5. Finish the remaining steps in the wizard.