To create a project


  1. Start Project Explorer.
  2. Select the root folder for the PVOB that you want to use for storing project information.
    The left pane of the Project Explorer lists root folders for all PVOBs in the local HCL VersionVault domain.

    Each PVOB has its own root folder. The root folder is created using the name of the PVOB. The folder Components contains entries for each component in the PVOB. Folders can contain projects and other folders.

  3. Click File > New > Folder to create a project folder.
    You do not need to create a project folder, but it is a good idea. As the number of projects grows, project folders are helpful in organizing related projects.
  4. In the left pane, select the project folder or root folder. Click File > New > Project.
    The New Project Wizard appears.
  5. In the New Project Wizard, enter a descriptive name for the project and provide a comment to describe the purpose of this project.
    1. Enter a name for the project integration stream or accept the default name (project-name_Integration).
    2. Select the type of project to create.
      A traditional parallel development project lets users create multiple streams so that developers can have private and shared work areas. A single-stream project contains only one stream, the integration stream. Users cannot create development streams in a single-stream project.
  6. Indicate whether you want to create the project based on an existing project. Because you are creating a project from scratch, click No.
  7. Choose the baselines that the project will use. These baselines are either the foundation baselines upon which all work within the project is built or the baselines from which other projects start.
    1. Click Add.
      The Add Baseline window opens.
    2. In Component, select one of the components that you previously created.
      • On Linux and the UNIX system, click the arrow at the end of the From Stream field and set All Streams.
      • On Windows systems, click Change > All Streams.
      The component initial baseline appears in the Baselines list.
    3. Select the baseline.
    4. Set Allow project to modify the component unless you want the component to be read-only.
      There are a limited number of circumstances in which you may want to use read-only components.
    5. Click OK.
      The baseline now appears in the list.
    6. Continue to use the Add Baseline window until the project contains its full set of foundation baselines, including the baseline for the component that stores the project composite baseline.
  8. Specify the development policies to enforce for this project. Set the check boxes for the policies that you want to enforce.