Setting state types

The UCM integration with HCL Compass uses a state transition model to help you monitor the progress of activities. To implement this model, the integration adds state types to UCM-enabled schemas. State Types in UCM-Enabled Schema lists and describes the four state types.
Table 1. State Types in UCM-Enabled Schema
State type Description
Waiting The activity is not ready to be worked on, either because it has not been assigned or it has not satisfied a dependency.
Ready The activity is ready to be worked on. It has been assigned, and all dependencies have been satisfied.
Active The developer has started work on the activity but has not completed it.
Complete The developer has either worked on and completed the activity, or not worked on and abandoned the activity.

You must assign each state to a state type. You must have at least one state definition of state type Waiting, one of state type Ready, one of state type Active, and one of state type Complete.