How can I use keyboard shortcuts?

HCL Verse gives you ways to simplify your experience through keyboard shortcuts.

Writing a new message or creating a calendar event

Edit action Windows Mac
Bold CTRL + B CMD + B
Italics CTRL + I CMD + I
Underline CTRL + U CMD + U
Undo CTRL + Z CMD + Z
Link CTRL + L CMD + L
Increase Indent ALT + SHIFT + I ALT + SHIFT + I
Decrease Indent ALT + SHIFT + O CTRL + SHIFT + O
Permanent Pen ALT + CTRL + T ALT + CMD + T
Accessibility Help ALT + 0 ALT + 0
Save or close draft ESC ESC
Send the message CTRL + Enter CMD + Enter
Print CTRL + P CMD + P

Viewing messages

Function Windows Mac
Reply R R
Reply All A A
Forward F F
Print Message CTRL + P CMD + P

Navigating a threaded message

Function Windows Mac
View next message n n
View previous message p p