New features and enhancements for administrators

The following new features are available for administrators.

Display resolved names in Notes format

When names are resolved after being found in a directory, you can display them to Verse users in Notes format. For more information, see Enabling user names to display in Notes format.

Option to manage photos through Domino

You can use the Domino directory as the repository for user photos. When enabled, a Verse user can provide a photo URL to an image, upload an image from their computer, or take a photo to upload. For more information, see the following topics:

Prevent users from downloading attachments

You can prevent users from downloading files that are attached to messages. For more information, see Preventing users from downloading attachments.

New extension to modify mail before it is sent

A new Verse extension, modify on send, allows you to invoke custom logic to modify mail before it is sent. This custom logic can modify the message subject and also inject contents at the end of a message. For documentation, see Article KB0089582 on the HCL Support site.