The new calendar event design is enabled automatically

The improved calendar event design introduced as a preview feature in HCL Verse® 1.0.x is now enabled automatically in Verse 2.0. Administrators no longer need to enable the new design.

The event form in this release includes the following enhancements to provide an improved user experience:
  • "Optional" and "FYI" recipients options work in tandem rather than independently.
  • The available times of attendees option is in its own section rather than an available after clicking an icon. Expand the section to see when attendees are available.
  • "Return Receipt," "Delivery Priority," "Delivery Report," and "Show as" options are added.
  • Your online meetings are in their own section at the bottom of the form. Arrows let you show meeting information details and switch among multiple meetings.

Graphic showing improvements in the calendar event form