Enhancements for the calendar event design preview in 1.0.9

Verse 1.0.9 provides the following enhancements to the calendar event design preview feature.

Note: Your administrator may enable the new event design for you automatically. (Enabling the new calendar event form). If you don't see the new design however, you may be able to enable it yourself: open Mail and Calendar Settings, in the Feature Preview section select New Calendar Event Form, and then restart your browser. If you don't see the new design and you also don't see this option, your administrator hasn't enabled this feature.

As a preview feature, the new calendar event design has some feature limitations and known issues. For more information, search the Support site for the article Known issues and limitations with Verse On-Premises calendar event design preview .

Use a QR code to join online meetings

In addition to enabling the new calendar event form, an administrator must add the notes.ini setting VOP_GK_FEATURE_209=1 to the server notes.ini file. Then, from a desktop browser, you can click the QR code icon in an online meeting in your calendar:
Icon to open a QR code for an online meeting
Or click the QR code icon for an online meeting from a mobile device:
Icon to open a QR code for an online meeting
A QR code for the meeting pops up. To connect to the online meeting, scan the code with a QR code scanner such as one on your mobile device. Click Show online meeting details if you want to see the meeting URL.
QR code for an online meeting

Drag and drop to change a meeting attendee's role

To change a meeting attendee's role (optional, required, or FYI), drag the name of the attendee to the desired new role. For example, drag the name of an attendee from the Optional role to the Required role. Previously it was necessary to delete an attendee and add the attendee back under the new role.

To change an attendee to optional, drag the attendee to the collapsed Optional role. The role expands and you can then drop the attendee in it.

Sign meetings that you create

New in this release is the ability to sign meetings that you create:
Sign option selected in a meeting invitation
Meeting attendees see that the meeting is digitally signed:
Invitation that shows This message is digitally signed

See repeat meeting times in multiple columns

When there are many occurrences of a repeat meeting, the list of meeting occurrences is now shown in multiple columns rather than a single column, for readability:
Sign option selected in a meeting invitation

Accommodation of time zone changes in Brasilia, Cuiaba, and Volgograd

When selecting a time zone for a meeting, Brasilia, Cuiaba, and Volgograd now belong to different time zones due to time zone changes in those countries.

See forwarding addresses when selecting names from the directory

If someone has a forwarding address, the address is shown with an arrow symbol after the primary address when you select their name in a meeting invitation. The following picture shows the forwarding address michael.stuart@renovations.com.
Forwarding address shown for Michael Stuart

An administrator must enable this feature.