How do I delegate access to my mail and calendar?

Give delegated access to your mail and calendar, or calendar only. Go to Mail and Calendar Settings, add a name, choose Mail and Calendar, or just Calendar, and then the level of access.

1. Click your profile image and open Mail and Calendar Settings.

Clicking the User Accounts > Mail and Calendar Settings

2. Search for the person to whom you want to grant access, select Mail and Calendar, or Calendar, and then select the type of access. Wondering how IBM Verse access levels map to IBM Notes access levels? See What delegation access levels are available?.
Note: When you delegate to others, you also give access to your Contacts and To Do items.

Delegation settings

Note: Each time delegation settings are saved, a request is sent to process the changes and it may take some time for the updates to be applied. While this is going on, a Pending Changes banner displays next to the delegate list. Once this goes away, the list should be up-to-date. If any changes are made to the delegation settings while the Pending Changes banner displays, they will overwrite any previous changes made.

What does it mean to give access to an organization?

This option allows anyone within your organization to have the selected access rights to your Mail and Calendar. If you want to grant individuals a different access right, create a separate delegation setting entry for each person. Organization access maps to the Public access that's available in IBM Notes.

Warning when access levels are not optimized for IBM Verse

If you previously delegated your mail and calendar using Notes, and you see the following warning, do not be alarmed. Your delegates still have the access you set up in Notes. In Verse, their Calendar access is not affected and Verse is not affected unless they have access to manage your folders. Moving forward it is recommended that you update the level of access that is recommended in the Verse UI, but this should not block your delegates from the key functionality of managing your mail or calendar.

Warning when delegation access does not match access level set in IBM Notes.