New features

The following are the new features for Segment Central in release 12.1.7:

Introduced a centralized component named AI-ML that will be available for all Unica products if necessary. In this release, the AI-ML component is available only for Unica Segment Central for suggesting segments.

As a part of the Segment Suggestion feature, the AI-ML component:

  • scans the audience table from the selected user database table.
  • suggests rule-based segments based on user requirements like:
    • Feature selection
    • Data filters
    • Segment size
  • provides first-level insights on potential segments.
  • allows users to view, alter, test, save, and publish strategic segments.
  • works in asynchronous mode.

The internal working of AI-ML component are as follows:

  • Applies filtering on data.
  • Applies encoding on data.
  • Applies scaling on data.
  • Applies HBDSCAN algorithm on data.
  • Derives the rules from the suggested cluster.

In this release, the limitations of the AI-ML component are as follows:

  • Does not save a model for any predictions.
  • Does not scan CH/RH.
  • Does not predict segments based on the possibility of offer acceptance.
  • Does not predict segments based on the success of past campaigns.

AI-ML feature is not compatible with RHEL 7, SuSE 12 SP3, and AIX operating systems. For more details related to supported software, see the HCL Unica Supported Environments guide.

Support for PostgreSQL
Segment Central now supports PostgreSQL as system database. It does not support PostgreSQL as a user datasource.
Note: PostgreSQL support is not available if you are upgrading to 12.1.7. It is only available for clean installation of 12.1.7.