Installing Unica Segment Central

You must run the Unica installer to start the installation of Segment Central. The Unica installer starts the product installer during the installation process. Make sure that the Unica installer and the product installer are saved at the same location.

Each time that you run the Unica suite installer, you must first enter database connection information for the Platform system tables. When the installer starts, you must enter the required information for Campaign.
Note: We can clean install Segment Central to the latest version i.e. 12.1.7 without installing the base version (12.1.4). If you have upgraded Platform and Campaign to 12.1.7, then you can directly install Segment Central to the same version without install the base version 12.1.4 first.
Important: Before you install Unica Segment Central, make sure that the available temporary space on the computer where you install Segment Central is more than three times the size of the Segment Central.
Note: To launch the installers on Windows 2019 and Windows 2022, server please set parameter - SET JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=" 7" - on command prompt and then launch the Installers from the same command prompt.

Installation files

The installation files are named according to the version of the product and the operating system on which they must be installed, except UNIX. For UNIX, different installation files exist for the X Window System mode and the console mode.

The following table displays examples of the installation files that are named according to the product version and the operating system:
Table 1. Installation files
Operating system Installation file
Windows: GUI and console mode


UNIX: X Window System mode


UNIX: Console mode Unica_SegmentCentral_12.1.7.0_linux.bin,
Note: Although we have introduced support for PostgreSQL in 12.1.7, it is available only for clean installation of 12.1.7 and not when upgrading to 12.1.7.