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Unica Segment Central Dcumentation
Welcome to the Unica Segment Central 12.1.4 documentation, where you can find information about how to administer and use Unica Segment Central.
Release Notes for version 12.1.4
System requirements and compatibility
Unica Segment Central operates as part of the HCL Marketing Software suite of products. Unica Segment Central requires Unica Platform 12.1.4 and Unica Campaign 12.1.4.
New features
Known issues
Unica Segment Central includes the following known issues
Before you contact HCL technical support
If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by referring the documentation, your company's designated support contact can log a call with HCL technical support. Use these guidelines to ensure that your problem is resolved efficiently and successfully.
System Requirements
Installation overview
The installation of HCL Unica products is complete when you install, configure, and deploy the Unica HCL products. The Installation Guide provides detailed information about installing, configuring, and deploying the products.
Planning the Unica Segment Central installation
When you plan your Unica Segment Central installation, ensure the following:
Configuring the web application server for your JDBC driver
The web application server where you plan to deploy Unica Segment Central must contain the correct JAR file to support JDBC connections. This enables your web application to connect to the system tables. The location of the JAR file must be included in the class path of the web application server.
Installing Unica Segment Central
You must run the Unica installer to start the installation of Segment Central. The Unica installer starts the product installer during the installation process. Make sure that the Unica installer and the product installer are saved at the same location.
Deploying Unica Segment Central
We need to deploy two wars SegmentationEngine.war and SegmentCentral.war.
Configuration of Unica Segment Central after Deployment
Administration of Unica Segment Central
After installing Unica Segment Central, the administrator must complete a few procedures to activate and use Unica Segment Central. The list of procedures are:
Uninstall Unica Segment Central