Setting up Unica Platform utilities on additional machines

On the machine where the Unica Platform is installed, you can run the Unica Platform utilities without any additional configuration. However, you might want to run the utilities from another machine on the network. This procedure describes the steps required to do this.

Before you begin

Ensure that the machine on which you perform this procedure meets the following prerequisites.
  • The correct JDBC driver must exist on the machine or be accessible from it.
  • The machine must have network access to the Unica Platform system tables.
  • The Java runtime environment must be installed on the machine or be accessible from it.


  1. Gather the following information about the Unica Platform system tables.
    • The fully qualified path for the JDBC driver file or files on your system.
    • The fully qualified path to an installation of the Java runtime environment.

      The default value in the installer is the path to the supported version of the JRE that the installer places under your Unica installation directory. You can accept this default or specify a different path.

    • Database type
    • Database host
    • Database port
    • Database name/system ID
    • Database user name
    • Database password
  2. Run the Unica installer and install the Unica Platform.

    Enter the database connection information that you gathered for the Unica Platform system tables. If you are not familiar with the Unica installer, see the Unica Campaign or Unica Plan installation guide.

    You do not have to deploy the Unica Platform web application if you are installing the utilities only.