Unica Platform installation worksheet

Use the Unica Platform installation worksheet to gather information about the Unica Platform database and about other Unica products that are required for the installation of Unica Platform.

Use the following table to gather information about the database that contains your Unica Platform system tables:

Table 1. Information about the database

This two-columned table provides a checklist of the various types of information that you must gather about the database in the first column and provides space to note the information in the second column.

Field Notes®
Database type
Database name
Database account user name
Database account password
JNDI name UnicaPlatformDS
ODBC name

Refer the following information if user is planning to install Contact Central

Field Notes®
Database type
Database name
Database account user name
Database account password
JNDI name ContactCentralDS
ODBC name

Checklist for Unica Platform database

The installation wizards for each Unica product must be able to communicate with the Unica Platform system table database to register the product. Each time that you run the installer, you must enter the following database connection information for the Unica Platform system table database:
  • Database type
  • JDBC connection URL
  • Database host name
  • Database port
  • Database name or schema ID
  • User name and password for the database account

Checklist for Unica Platform deployment on the web application server

Obtain the following information before deploying Unica Platform:
  • Protocol: HTTP or HTTPS if SSL is implemented in the web application server.
  • Host: The name of the machine on which the Unica Platform will be deployed.
  • Port: The port on which the web application server listens.
  • Domain name: The company domain of each machine where HCL products are installed. For example, mycompany.com. All HCL products must be installed in the same company domain, and you must enter the domain name in all lower-case letters.

    If there is a mis-match in domain name entries, you may encounter problems when you attempt to use Unica Platform features or navigate among products. You can change the domain name after the products are deployed by logging in and changing values of the relevant configuration properties in the product navigation categories on the Settings > Configuration page.

Checklist for enabling Unica Platform utilities

If you plan to use the Unica Platform utilities, obtain the following JDBC connection information before you start to install the Unica Platform.

  • Path to the JRE. The default value is the path to the 1.8 version of the JRE that the installer places under your installation directory.

    You can accept this default or specify a different path. If you specify a different path, you must point to the 1.8 version of the Sun JRE.

  • JDBC driver class. The installer automatically provides this, based on the database type you specifiy in the installer.
  • JDBC connection URL. The installer provides the basic syntax, including the host name, database name, and port. You can customize the URL by adding additional parameters.
  • JDBC driver classpath on your system.

Information about the web component

Obtain the following information for all Unica products that have a web component, which you deploy on a web application server:
  • The name of the systems on which the web application servers are installed. You can have one or several web application servers, depending on the Unica environment that you are setting up.
  • The port on which the application server listens. If you plan to implement SSL, obtain the SSL port.
  • The network domain for your deployment system. For example, mycompany.com.