Default password settings

Unica provides default settings for using passwords. However, you can use the General > Password settings category on the Unica Configuration page to change the default settings, and create your password policies.

The default password settings apply to passwords for users that are created within Unica. The settings do not apply to the users that are imported through synchronization with an external system, such as Windows Active Directory, a supported LDAP directory server, or web access control server. The exception is the Maximum failed login attempts allowed setting, which affects both internal and external users. Also note that this property does not override any similar restriction set in an external system.

The following settings are the default password settings that Unica:
  • Maximum failed login attempts allowed - 3
  • Password history count - 0
  • Validity (in days) - 30
  • Blank passwords allowed - True
  • Allow identical user name and password - True
  • Minimum number of numeric characters - 0
  • Minimum number of letter characters - 0
  • Minimum character length - 4

See the online help for descriptions of the default settings.