Verification and troubleshooting

To verify end-to-end integration, place the JAR file, containing the plugin implementation, in the class path of the application server where the Content Integration is deployed. Additionally, configure the corresponding content repository in <ASSET_PICKER_HOME>/conf/ file (you can refer to the file within the <ASSET_PICKER_HOME>/dev-kits/asset-integration-starter project).

All the system onboarding configurations, mentioned in Unica Content Integration Administration Guide, are supported in the using relevant properties. You must provide JVM argument for to come into effect (you can always use Platform’s configurations instead of by removing JVM argument).

Note: Currently, only Unica Centralized Offer Management and Unica Plan can access Content Integration.

After the plugin is deployed, and the system configurations are made, restart the Content Integration application.

Although, you can verify Content Integration using REST endpoints mentioned in previous section, we recommend you to check end-to-end integration by running through the relevant user interface in Unica Centralized Offer Management and Unica Plan. Please refer to the corresponding user guides to learn how to access Content Integration features in respective products.

Use developer tools provided by the supported browsers to troubleshoot the API calls, if required.