Correcting the registry file when upgrade installation fails

If installation fails because the installer could not detect the base version of your installed product, you can correct the registry file as described here.

About this task

The InstallAnywhere Global registry file, named .com.zerog.registry.xml, is created when a Unica product is installed. The registry file tracks all installed Unica products, including their features and components, on that server.


  1. Locate the .com.zerog.registry.xml file.

    Depending on the server on which you are installing, the .com.zerog.registry.xml file is in one of the following locations.

    • On Windows servers, the file is in the Program Files/Zero G Registry folder.

      Zero G Registry is a hidden directory. You must enable the setting to view hidden files and folders.

    • On UNIX systems, the file is in one of the following directories.
      • Root user - /var/
      • Non-root user - $HOME/
  2. Make a backup copy of the file.
  3. Edit the file to change all entries that refer to the version of your installed product.

    For example, this is a section of the file that corresponds to Unica Plan version

    <product name="Plan" id="dd6f88e0-1ef1-11b2-accf-c518be47c366"
    version=" " copyright="2013" info_url="" support_url=""
    location="<HCL_Unica_Home>\Plan" last_modified="2013-07-25 15:34:01">

    In this case, you would change all entries that refer to version=" " to the base version, which is in this case.