Searching for Specific Content Types

After selecting the repository, you can search for specific content type and content name.

About this task

The repository HCL DX does not support multimedia. It only suports content and templates. HCL DX - Media or HCL DX can be used independently.

In case of HCL DX:
  • you can search the content using its authoring template.
  • it can be used to define content mapping in HCL DX's standard
  • it can be used to define content mapping in custom attributes defined for the DX authoring template.
  • when you select content inside the offer, it restricts you from selecting content of same authoring template, for which mapping is defined.
  • content created from any other authoring template would be disabled in the folder navigation, when selecting content inside the offer.
  • editing the mapping, and changing the authoring template is allowed if you remap the custom attributes of the DX content. The mapping of standard attributes mapping would be retained.
  • the preview of the content depends on the preview privileges assigned for the content.
  • you cannot download the content if you select the content for the picker attribute using Unica Content Integration.

To search for content of a specific type, complete the following steps:


  1. Place the cursor on the Search bar.
  2. Select from one of the available options.
  3. After the required selection, type in a name to search for a specific content artifact of a specific type.
    For example, if you want to locate a video named training, in Step 2, select Search in Multimedia(audio & video) and in the search bar, type the name training.