About this document

This section provides an introduction to the purpose and scope of this document and the terms and conditions of use.

Purpose of this document

This document is intended to help your company understand the HCL® Marketing Platform data model for integration purposes.

Important: You should not modify the Marketing Platform system tables directly (rather than through the user interface). If you modify the Marketing Platform system tables directly, you may compromise Marketing Platform functionality and make it more difficult for HCL Technical Support to resolve any problems that may occur.

Terms and conditions of use

The enclosed information is confidential and proprietary to HCL and accordingly may only be used in accordance with the terms of your current and valid confidentiality agreement.

This information should be shared within your company only on a need-to-know basis. If you are unable to confirm whether your company has a current and valid confidentiality agreement with HCL that appropriately protects the enclosed data from public disclosure, DO NOT CONTINUE THROUGH THIS DOCUMENT AND INSTEAD RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY TO HCL .

Future system table changes

HCL reserves the right, at any time, to change system table schemas and the contents of this document for the Marketing Platform product. If you choose to develop custom integrations using Marketing Platform system tables, these components need to be reviewed and possibly modified to work with future releases of Marketing Platform system tables.

There is no guarantee of backwards compatibility or automated migration for custom-developed or third-party extensions using the Marketing Platform system tables. HCL does not support any use of the Marketing Platform system tables outside of standard application use conducted through the Marketing Platform application or standard tools shipped as part of the product.