Unica Plan custom templates

Most of the work that is involved in creating custom templates is determining the fields that you want in your templates and how to organize those fields. Capturing this information on paper before you start creating attributes and forms streamlines the creation process.

Before you begin creating custom templates, decide on the types of templates that your organization needs. Then, create a storyboard or a spreadsheet that shows the custom template's tabs and each field that you want on each tab.

For example, you want a project to list the business unit that requested the project. Therefore, you record the following information about the business unit field.

Table 1. Example of recording template field information
Attribute information Value
Shared or Local Shared
Attribute Category Form
Attribute Type Single-Select
Internal Name BusinessUnit
Display Name Business Unit
Tab/grouping In the Summary tab under the Collateral Request information section.
Field type Drop-down list
Possible values or database table to retrieve values from Retail banking, investment services, insurance, credit card brochure, postcard, data sheet, white paper, print ad, or a table name or column name where Unica Plan looks up these values.
Required? Yes
Help Tip Enter the business unit that requested this collateral piece.

After you do this planning step for every field in a form, you can create the attributes and the form. Then, compile the tabs and forms into a custom template.