Customizing notification messages for alerts

Administrators can customize the subject, message text, header, and footer for alerts. You can also localize messages: you select the locale for every message that you customize.

You can customize alert messages for the entire system or for selected templates. For example, you can customize the message that is sent out whenever a program is started. Alternatively, you can customize the message for one specific program template only, such as the Tradeshow sample template.

To customize the default message to send for an alert, you use the Customize Alerts option on the Administrative Settings page. To customize the message for a specific template, you use the Customize Alerts tab, which is available for every type of template. See Customizing an alert notification message.

Tip: If you configure custom permissions for the tabs of a project template, the system filters the alerts appropriately. For example, if some project participants do not have access to the Attachments tab, the system does not send them alerts about attachments.

When you construct custom messages, you can include variables and links to system tabs in addition to text. When you add these items, they display as system-defined tags. When the system sends the alert notification, it replaces any tags in the message with values appropriate for that marketing object type and object instance.

Adding variables

You can insert placeholder variables for standard planning object data or system data related to an event. You can insert variables into the subject, body, header, and footer.

Tip: On the Alerts Settings page, see the Attributes list for the variables you can add.

Adding links to standard tabs

You can include a link to any standard tab presented for the selected marketing object type. When you include a link to a tab, the email message contains a link directly to the specified tab for the object instance. For example, when a project is started, the notification message can include a link to its Workflow tab.

In templates, you can add links to tabs to the subject, body, header, and footer. At the system level, you can add tab links only in the subject and body (not in the header and footer).