Executive Summary

The HCL Unica solutions rely heavily on our customers’ owned Databases. Our customers are responsible for complying to the GDPR standards for any of their owned data. In certain cases, personal data will be used by HCL Unica customers in the solution’s System Table Database. Personal data is often used by our customers for specific campaign management purposes, such as outbound solutions leveraging Campaign where personal data can be used in Contact-and-Response history scenarios. The same applies to our real-time personalization solution, Interact, for real time engagements.

The HCL Unica products will either contain a utility, accompanied documentation to generate SQL scripts, or instructions on deleting customer's personal data from the software's System Table Database. The utility containing scripts or instructions will be available in the following HCL Unica offerings: Unica Platform, Unica Campaign, Unica Interact, Opportunity Detect, Unica Plan, and to a lesser extent Unica Optimize solutions.