Benefits of Unica Centralized Offer Management

The benefits of Unica Centralized Offer Management's offer management capabilities are as follows:

Note: The benefits listed here are the benefits of Centralized Offer Management as on version For more feature details, see Centralized Offer Management product guides.
  • A new and intuitive user interface.
  • Improved performance with a large dataset.
  • REST APIs for every action available in Centralized Offer Management.
  • Extendable data model that allows you to:
    • Create offers without a template.
    • Add additional attributes to the existing offers or existing offer templates.
    • Save existing offers as a template.
  • Support for new data types, which includes:
    • Select box - Database - use Select box - Database attribute for adding a dropdown box with values from the selected datasource. If you have use multiple Select box - Database attributes in your template, you can add a dependency between the attributes. Once the dependency is set between two Select box - Database attributes, the options in the dependent attribute changes based on the selection made in the parent attribute.
    • Boolean - use the Boolean attribute type to select or deselect a checkbox (for example true or false) for the attribute.
    • Integer - use the Integer attribute type to fill numeric data without decimal places.
    • Rich text - use the Rich text attribute to write and format content.
  • In Centralized Offer Management, you can set Standard offer attributes and Custom offer attributes as mandatory or non-mandatory.
  • Use the Picker - URL attribute to select content from third-party CMS via integration with Unica Content Integration.
  • Use the Content Integration fetaure to map content attributes with offer attributes.
  • (Applicable from onwards) Integration with Cognitive Service Platforms to fetch the cognitive tags from image URLs.