Known limitations

The following table lists the known limitations in Unica Link 12.1.2

Product Description
Mailchimp connector Mailchimp response API has a limitation to report only maximum 1000 email records at a specific time. Refer to the element (List email activity---->count) on Mailchimp API link (response API to capture email activities) -
Mandrill connector The User Mail Open/Click responses are available on the Mandrill site only, post a delay ranging from 10 to 15 hours.

This is a limitation of the Mandrill service.

JDBC Connector No select Query in RAW SQL.
JDBC Connector Database drivers comply only with JDBC 4.2 or later specifications.
JDBC Connector Only INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, and UPSERT operations can be performed on the Table option.
Google AdTech Connector All fields on the field mapping screen are mandatory.
Twilio connector Twilio fails during the upgrade of Unica Link on a server, if Twilio already has actions deployed on that server. If Unica Link is upgraded on a server where Twilio has not deployed actions on the server, the upgrade succeeds.

This is a limitation of the Twilio service.