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Unica Link Documentation
Welcome to the Unica Link 12.1.1 documentation, where you can find information about how to install and use Unica Link and its connectors.
Introduction to Unica Link
Unica Link is a component that can be installed separately from the Unica application.
Unica Link prerequisites
Ensure that these prerequisites are met before installing Unica Link.
Microsoft Windows installation
This section describes how to install the Design Server using the Windows Installer.
Linux Installation
You can install Unica Link in two modes:
Setting up Journey and Campaign for Unica Link
Logs are produced for your use by Design Server, the Runtime REST API, and Kafkalink.
Modifying the configuration in Docker installation or Native installation
After you install Unica Link you might want to change the HTTP / HTTPS configuration.
Known issues
Summary of known issues in this version of the product.