Uninstalling Unica Journey

Run the Unica Journey uninstaller to uninstall Unica Journey. When you run the uninstaller, the files that were created during the installation process are removed. For example, files such as configuration files, installer registry information, and user data are removed from the computer. Stop the processes that are related to Unica Journey before uninstallation.

About this task

When you install Unica products, an uninstaller is included in the Uninstall_Product directory, where Product is the name of your product. On Windows, an entry is also added to the Add or Remove Programs list in the Control Panel.

If you manually remove the files in your installation directory instead of running the uninstaller, the result might be an incomplete installation if you later reinstall a product in the same location. After uninstalling a product, its database is not removed. The uninstaller only removes default files that are created during installation. Any file that is created or generated after installation is not removed.

Note: On UNIX, the same user account that installed Unica Journey must run the uninstaller.